Sarkari Yojna

“Mera Pani – Meri Virasat” Sarkari Yojna of Haryana Government

“Mera Pani - Meri Virasat” Sarkari Yojna of Haryana Government

Every drop of water is precious and so the government is bringing out new policies as an attempt to save water for the future. It is launched by Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar mainly in paddy dominated areas.

Sarakari Yojna

MeraPaniMeri Virasat scheme

has been recently launched by the Haryana government, which encourages farmers to grow alternative crops like bajra, urad dal, maize, cotton, and pulses instead of paddy. The main aim of this is to conserve water for future generations. Farmers joining this government scheme also get an incentive amount of Rs 7000/.



  • This scheme is for farmers only
  • The scheme is applicable for Haryana state only

In the last decade, many areas in the Haryana state have become dark zones as groundwater levels have depleted rapidly. 36 blocks have been identified as part of this. There are many areas where the groundwater level was 20 meters and has now depleted to 40 meters. Even farmers from other blocks, who choose to grow alternative crops, can also apply for this incentive amount as far as they give the information in advance. 

The areas included in this are Siwan and Guhla in Kaithal district, Ratia in Fatehabad district, Pipli, Shahbad, Babain in Kurukshetra district, Sirsa section of Ismailabad and Sirsa district. These are the areas where the groundwater level is below 40 meters. It has become a matter of concern that the water levels in these areas have gone down by a lot and so this initiative is a motivating factor for farmers to switch to cultivating other crops as this can help to conserve water to a great exte

Benefits of MeraPani- Meri Virasat scheme

  • In this sarkari yojna farmers have the opportunity to avail an incentive of Rs. 7,000 per acre. This is a great push for farmers who wish to earn and also save money. This can help them with having a sarkari job. With this incentive, they can trust that the scheme has something helpful for them if they switch to cultivating alternative crops. This incentive is a great way to attract more and more farmers to opt for this policy. The more farmers come ahead, the higher will be the water conservation. 
  • With water shortage across the globe, it has become much more important than ever before to conserve as much as possible. The depleting water levels across the globe are alarming and many methods are constantly being adopted to take care of this. One of the huge plus points of this scheme is to save water for the future. When other crops are being cultivated instead of paddy, the amount of water used will be much lesser. 
  • This can help in increasing the productivity of crops by using less water. This means that crops can be cultivated in good quantities without causing further depletion of water. 
  • With this, there will be an optimum utilization of farming fields. One of the biggest advantages is that the farming fields can be used effectively when other crops are grown. This means that the farming lands that are already there won’t go waste. They can be used to the fullest but with less water. This way the farmers will not have to face any loss. They can cultivate other crops and still earn well. Their earning won’t be affected in any way. 
  • 80% subsidy is given by the government to farmers who have adopted micro-irrigation and drip irrigation system along with opting for the alternative of growing other crops in place of paddy. 
  • To give this initiative a bit of a push forward, the state government has now planned to buy maize and pulses at the minimum support price. This is to encourage more and more farmers to come forward and adopt this policy. This scheme is great for farmers as it will increase their earnings. They can continue the cultivation without worrying about any loss. They can be sure of getting income for the cultivation they do.  
  • In this scheme, areas where tube wells above the capacity of 50 horsepower are used, are also included. 
  • It is a great step in the conservation of natural resources like water and soil. Preserving natural resources is of utmost priority today and this step can go a long way in facilitating that. 
  • As this has been launched in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of great help to farmers who are suffering from a shortage of funds. They have the security of a government job. This is a huge step in easing the hardships of farmers during the lockdown. Farmers do not need to suffer anymore without having to do any cultivation. Also, as this will conserve a lot of water, farmers will not have any issues with shortage hereafter. This way all the farming land can also be used without having to keep it empty due to lack of water. 

How to Apply

Farmers can apply for the scheme on They can opt for the Rs. 7000 / acre incentive when they decide to switch from paddy to other crops. This is a crop diversification initiative, which is launched before the paddy transplantation season that begins in the mid of June. On registration, the government will transfer the amount directly to the farmer’s account. Also, the status of the payment will be showcased on the official website. 

Water shortage is a problem in many parts of India. If proper conservation methods are not adopted, other states could also face this shortage in the near future. It is important that other states too look for areas where water is a problem. This shortage also has made it difficult for farmers as the production quantities keep going down. Providing such alternative methods can help farmers to continue with cultivation without worrying about water shortage. Doing this can also help to conserve water, which will be of great benefit in the future. Adopting such methods for different states will ensure that the survival of farmers is not affected in any way. Many such schemes can be launched by individual state governments depending on the specific concerns. 

Questions related to “Mera Pani, Meri Virasat” Plan

 Q:- How much help is received in “Mera Pani, Meri Virasat” scheme?

A:- Rs- 7000 / – will be provided for applying my water in my heritage scheme and leaving paddy cultivation. 

Q:- Will there be a subsidy for growing other crops?

A:- Yes, 80% subsidy will be available on all other crops. 

Q:- Who can apply my water in “Mera Pani, Meri Virasat” scheme ?

A:- Farmers whose land level is below 35 to 40 feet can apply in “Mera Pani, Meri Virasat” scheme. 

Q:- What is the direct link to apply “Mera Pani, Meri Virasat” scheme?

A:- You can apply from here for “Mera Pani, Meri Virasat” scheme.


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