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COVID Care Gets Better in Tamil Nadu with the Announcement of the New CM’s Government Scheme

COVID Care Gets Better in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Covid

The Tamil Nadu Government has recently made a big announcement in the fight against COVID. The specific order is that the treatment for COVID 19 patients at the private hospitals will be covered under the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Government Scheme. If you are covered under this scheme one can avail treatment at private hospitals impaneled under this scheme. We would like to add that the official circulation clearly says that you need not have to make any extra payment. 

The health minister of the state C Vijaya issued a stern warning for private hospitals not complying with this order. In fact, a statement issued from the health department of Tamil Nadu threatened suspension of the hospital from the impaneled list for failing to comply with the order of implementing the Sarkari Scheme. The statement clarified that this is a formal order issued by the honorable TN CM Edappadi k Palaniswami. A special committee formed by the department was assigned with the job to work out a package rate and the report has already been tabled. It has come with certain specific conditions and let us now speak about the details.

The charge has been fixed following a detailed analysis of the virus threat. If the specific case is asymptomatic and mild, it falls under the general ward. The grade in such cases could be anything in the range of A1 to A4. A multi-specialty hospital can charge at the most Rs 5000/- per day in such cases. Is your patient using the ICU and along with all the facilities at the hospital? In this case, the quote levied by the hospital management can be anywhere in the range of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per day. One must note that only Grade A1 and A2 hospitals can demand this fee. If the hospital is a Grade A3 or A4 the quote will have to come down to Rs 9000 to Rs 13,500 daily. 

The grade has been assigned by the government and the infrastructure of the hospital has a say here. The bed strength of the hospital certainly matters here and the order states that the impaneled hospitals should allocate 25% beds for this special COVID 19 scheme introduced by the Tamil Nadu CM. The Tamil Nadu branch of the Indian Medical Association has welcomed the move and for complaints, you can call up 18004253993. The residents of Tamil Nadu with an annual income of less than Rs 72,000 can qualify under this scheme. 




  1. How to get the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme?

A: You can get the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme by having a few documents. It includes income certificate from VAO; original ration card and photocopy of it; visit the nearest district Kiosk with your income certificate and ration card.


  1. How to avail of this Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme insurance coverage (CMCHISIC)?

A: Once you enroll under CMCHISIC you need to follow the below


  • Visit Kiosk district for enrollment
  • Submit relevant documentation at Kiosk 
  • Verification and biometrics of the individual and family members will be captured
  • An Ecard will be issued as proof of the insurance coverage. 
  1. What are the benefits of CMCHISIC Sarkari Yojna?

A: It offers health benefits, surgical procedures, diagnostic treatment, access to healthcare facilities, cashless benefits, and shoulders all the expenses.

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